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Intuition: an interview with Prof. Duncan

This is a special episode : I interview Prof- Anthony Duncan on the subject of Intuition and Einstein.

148- INTUITION: "Love is the One Thing We’re Capable of Perceiving That Transcends Dimensions of Time and Space"- A great conversation with Prof. Anthony Duncan (Author of "Thinking Like Einstein.")

A beautiful conversation with Prof .Anthony Duncan, author of “Thinking Like Einstein” (2020).

After obtaining his Master's degree with honors at the University of Paris XIII, of Canadian origin, he then completed his doctorate at the University of Toronto (Canada) under the supervision of Michael Sefton, a graduate of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). , USA). Currently a professor qualified to direct research at the University of Rouen, he is the author of four democratization works relating to pedagogy - notably unconventional problem-solving methods (such as the intuitive approach), epistemology , philosophy and history of science. He also has three international patents to his credit, including one on a new implantable heart valve.

Themes addressed:

- intuition

- Daniel kahneman studies with Amos Tversky 2002

- when should the method be used (uncertainty , complexity )

- how to invite intuition : here I talk about my experience with meditation over the last 12 years

- the 20 20 rule

- set goals and milestones but allow freedom in the choice of means : how society is so opposed to that

- dopamine

- music

- nature

- collective intelligence

- listen to biorythms

-the child in you

- believe in luck

- pose the problem well

- cross thematic bridges

- doing nothing sometimes is better

- how does someone recognize good intuition and the several bias if behavioral economics ( very interesting!!!)

- over confidence

- heuristic availability

-bandwagon effect


- Relativity



- Albert Cohen

-Nick Cave

- J. S. Bach


Why does she spike my mayonnaise? Leduc Editions (2016).

Einstein's pearls, Leduc editions (2019).

Thinking like Einstein (2020).

The keys to success in L1/L2, Éditions Éllipses (2023).

In French:

Pourquoi elle monte ma mayonnaise ? Éditions Leduc (2016).

Les perles d’Einstein, éditions Leduc (2019).

Einstein et sa pensée intuitive (2020).

Les clés pour réussir en L1/L2, Éditions Éllipses (2023).

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