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Sólo por hoy, el acceso al cuarto día del Lifestyle Medicine Summit, para los miembros de VYJT

Te deseo un feliz sábado. Esta tarde tienes la oportunidad de aprovechar muchísimo el tiempo con este material que compartimos contigo. Se trata del Lifestyle Medicine Summit en su día 4.

Es muy emocionante poder tener acceso a tan valiosa información.

Llevo 3 días estudiando las aportaciones del Lifestyle Medicine Summit. Sólo hoy se puede tener acceso sin costo a las siete horas del Congreso: ¡No te lo pierdas!

Hoy el contenido está muy orientado hacia los expertos de la salud mental y física pero aún si no es tu rubro, es sumamente interesante e importante poder tener acceso a esta información, en mi opinión, porque tú la puedes necesitar o puedes conocer a alguien a quién le puede cambiar la vida tener acceso a esta información.

El estrés, la alimentación, la salud mental no son temas secundarios, sino cuestiones fundamentales.

Aquí está la lista de los participantes hoy:

Al final del artículo, encontrarás el enlace al Congreso de hoy.

October 30 @ 9.00 am EST | 14.00 UK 🧡 Ancient Wisdom, Sacred Science Wai-Ching Lee is an intuitive medical healer, modern mystic, teacher of the traditional art of Qi Gong and Healing. She's a qualified Holistic Health Counselor and Holistic Somatic Bodywork Therapist with over 20 years of professional experience in the field of natural and holistic healing.

Leigh-Ann Webster * October 30 @ 10 am EST | 15.00 UK 💚 Health Coaching National Standards and Insurance Reimbursements

  • The importance of national standards

  • Insurance reimbursement updates

  • The future of health coaching in healthcare

Leigh-Ann is Executive Director of the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching ↗

October 30 @ 10.30 am EST | 15.30 UK 💚 Lifestyle Medicine: A Prescription To Prevent The Perfect Storm

  • What is the Perfect Storm?

  • Lifestyle Medicine And Immunity

  • Non-Communicable Diseases and Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Siva is the Founder and President of the Malaysian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (MSLM) and the Director of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine at Amrita Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine Centre. ↗ Dr. Sivaneswaran Poobalasingam

Dawson Church PhD * October 30 @ 11 am EST | 16.00 UK 🧡💚 Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny

  • Why do we still believe that our DNA determines our health and life

  • Epigenetics, Consciousness and how to create your Bliss Brain

  • 3 ways to design your destiny

Dawson Church, PhD, is an award-winning science writer with three best-selling books to his credit. He's conducted dozens of clinical trials, founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, the Veterans Stress PTSD Project, and EFT Universe. ↗

October 30 @ 11.30 am EST | 16.30 UK 🧡💚 Your 4 Brain Characters and Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™ - Taking Control of Your Health from the Inside.

  • Which character will wreck your health?

  • Which character makes your health choices?

  • Find out what your inner holistic health guru is?

Annie is a Root-Cause Health Coach Specialist™ and Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Faculty Member with over 33+ years in health & well-being. ↗ Annie Gedye, BSc, LPHCS

Nigora Normatova October 30 @ 12 pm EST | 17.00 UK 💚 7 Success Tips from a Root-Cause Health Coach™

  • The true reason why clients often don't improve their lifestyle.

  • Why I no longer have to “sell” or “persuade” clients to eat better or drink (and what the 6 root-causes have to do with it)

  • The 7 reasons why my coaching practice is blossoming

Nigora has been transforming lives as a health coach for over 10 years and is certified as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Root-Cause Health Coach with a practice in Dubai. ↗

October 30 @ 12.30 pm EST | 17.30 UK 💚 3 Secrets to a Successful Lifestyle Medicine Practice

  • Gradually improving your position over time

  • The power of your organization is its unity and focus

  • Your weakness is your strength

Kevin Chan DO, MS, MMM, PCEO, FASA, FAIHM, FAAMFM is a board-certified lipidologist, owner of Pineapple Health in Phoenix providing expert care for over 20 years. Dr. Chan is an integrative-holistic physician who focuses on total health and especially heart attack and stroke prevention. ↗ Dr. Kevin Chan

Ayan Panja MD * October 30 @ 1 pm EST | 18.00 UK 🧡💚 Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine: A Doctor's Inside Story Dr. Panja has developed together with Dr. Chatterchee the Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine Program for GPs in the UK. He will share his clinic experience and daily application of Lifestyle Medicine in his extremely busy London practice. Dr. Ayan Panja is a partner in a busy city centre NHS surgery and is interested in good health communication and preventive medicine. ↗

October 30 @ 1.30 pm EST | 18.30 UK 💚 #1 Medical Error: Failure To Diagnose Mohammad Ilyas Yamani, MD, MMM is a Board Certified, Internal Medicine Physician, CEO, a value-based primary care provider, specializing in lifestyle medicine. Ilyas still sees patients daily and manages three offices, acting as CEO and Medical Director of All Care Medical. ↗ Dr. Mohammed Yamani

Stephane Provencher PhD, DC October 30 @ 2 pm EST | 19.00 UK 💚 Accelerate your Lifestyle Medicine Business to grow $90k the first year

  • The 3 most important points to increase your income in your practice

  • Consistent Message is Key

  • My Story - First-year increase of $90k and still growing

Dr. "Awesome" PhD, DC, IMD, PScD, ABAAHP, FAAMFM is the Founder of Gainesville Holistic Health Center, Co-Founder, Whole-Listic Children’s Foundation and Hospital, Chairman of Research, Sacro Occipital Research Society International. ↗

October 30 @ 2.30 pm EST | 19.30 UK 💚 Motivational Interviewing Skills for Nurses and Medical Professionals

  • Identify the key element that keeps patients stuck in unhealthy habits

  • The habit YOU may have that sabotages your patients’ progress

  • One vital step to include in your patient visits to improve patient outcomes

Tamara is a Registered Nurse and NBC-HWC certified health coach managing wellness programming and providing lifestyle risk reduction and chronic condition education and coaching for corporate clients ↗ Contact ​Tamara Golden, Holistic RN, NBC-HWC

October 30 @ 3 pm EST | 20.00 UK 💚 Your Health Questions Answered Get answers to your health questions. It's simple: You ask about a specific symptom, our summit experts will share your root-causes and provide you with a Lifestyle Prescription® you can follow right away. Please participate only if you want actionable tips and are willing to follow through. With Cello Music by Victoria RayLong (8 years)

Dale click aquí para poder tener acceso al cuarto día del congreso, son siete horas de contenido! Válido sólo hoy.

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